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Product introduction

Origin: Taiwan

Product introduction:

1. After the platform is raised, it can still control various types of forward and backward, turning and lifting, etc.
Action, suitable for parts warehouses, mass merchandiser site operations.

2. With the stepless speed change system, the speed can be fine-tuned, and people work at high altitudes
more secure time.


Product Specifications

model MODEL SDE-03-28 SDE-03-33
load LOAD CAPACITY 300kg 300kg
Captain A OVERLL LENGH 1575 1680
B width OVERLL WIDTH 850(H1)-1210(H2) 830(H1)-1050(H2)
C machine height OVERLL HEIGHT 1910 2200
C" machine full height OVERLL HEIGHT 3915 4455
D Jango STROKE 2800mm 3300mm
E table height MIN TABLE HEIGHT 340 350
F table full length TABLE HEIGHT LENGTH 1000 1010
G storage surface length * width DIMENSIONS 600*800 620*800
H table width TABLE HEIGHT WIDTH 800 800
I rear wheel STEERING WHEEL 210*75PU 210*75PU
J front wheel LOAD WHEEL 1550PU 1850PU
K guardrail height   1000 1000
ascent rate LIFING SPEED 2.7m/10sec 3.2m/13sec
The rate of decline adjustable adjustable
Battery BATTERY 12V/N-120AH 12V/N-120AH
dead weight WEIGHT   450KG
charger CHARGER DC24V/20A DC24V/20A
Drive POWER   DC24V 450W*2 DC24V 450W*2
hydraulic motor   DC24V/2000W DC24V/2000W