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Established in 1980, Xie Li Logistics Conveying Equipment is a professional manufacturer of logistics conveying equipment products, professional production, sales and maintenance. Xie Li Logistics Conveying Equipment is a professional manufacturer with integrity and responsibility. It is worthy of everyone's trust, and its service bases are all over Taiwan.

The products of Xie Li logistics conveying equipment, including various manual and electric equipment, are used in warehousing, factories, warehouses, handling, food, petrochemical, textile, logistics equipment, metal processing industry, paper printing industry, biotechnology, electronic high-tech, etc. Industry use; main products: hydraulic pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, semi-electric stackers, electric stackers, lifting trolleys, oil drum dumpers, scale pallet trucks, double (single) drum fixtures, oil drums Trucks, material racks, all kinds of trolleys, etc...

Since its establishment over the years, Xie Li Logistics Conveying Equipment has always adhered to professional planning, lean concepts, and pursued a perfect working attitude, which has always been our belief.

In the days to come, we will go all out, uphold the customer-oriented service attitude, and provide you with high-quality logistics and conveying equipment, so that customers have a safe and comfortable working environment.

Business philosophy

Our spirit: dedication, effort, due diligence

Our tenet: customer first, service first, quality assurance, excellent image

Our motto: feel with heart, care with affection, be grateful with all our strength, and do our best

Green environmental protection - is the basis for creating a harmonious environment for human beings, we hope to leave more to the next generation

The environmental protection promotion of Xie Li Precision Machinery - 3R Code of Green Design

Reduce (Reduce) Reuse (Reuse) Recycle (Recycle)

Service base
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Manager Xu Mingshun Kaohsiung Office No. 287-1, Fengren Road, Renwu District, Kaohsiung 81465
Tel: 07-372-7850 Fax: 07-375-5780
LINE ID: @shale
Manager Chen Junzhi Tainan Office No. 60 Minzu Road, Gangchang Village, Xinshi District, Tainan City 74445
Tel: 06-501-3981 Fax: 06-501-3993
LINE ID: @shale71
Director Zhou Jiwang Taichung Office No. 8-2, Zhongyong Road, Nantun District, Taichung City 40859
Tel: 04-2350-9571 Fax: 04-2350-9572
LINE ID: @shale41
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Toll free service phone: 0800-727-850

Customer service mailbox: [email protected]