• BISHAMON hydraulic trailer
  • BISHAMON hydraulic trailer

BISHAMON hydraulic trailer

Origin: Japan
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Product introduction

The load is divided into 1000/2500/3000kgs, there are high and low heavy load slewing bearings, the steering is gentle, the long hydraulic cylinder is reinforced, the precision steel is strong and durable, the quenched and hardened hydraulic components have strong oil supply, the sealing effect is good, and there is no oil leakage, polyethylene material, high-grade Rubber tires are wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, easy to drag and drop, high-tension iron plate body structure, solid overall anti-rust paint coating, complete specifications, first-class quality and complete after-sales service.

Product Specifications

model load kg Fork outer width mm Fork length mm Fork minimum height mm Fork maximum height mm
BM20-46S 2000 460 980 80 200
BM25SS 2500 520 810
BM25M 1070
BM25LL 685 1220
BM30M 3000 520 1070 83 203
BM30LL 685 1220
BM25M-L 2500 520 1070 65 165
BM25LL-L 685 1220