• Liftek self-propelled electric stacker (LPS series)

Liftek self-propelled electric stacker (LPS series)

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Product introduction

LIFTTECK series self-propelled electric stacker

LPS series

Origin: Taiwan

Product introduction:

Product Specifications

Type Model LPS-10E LPS-12S LPS-16S
load capacity LOADING CAPACITY 1000kgs. 1200kgs. 1200kgs.
load center LOADING CENTER 500 mm. 600 mm.
Power specifications POWER SOURCE DC-24V
lift height LIFTING HEIGHT 2750 mm.
radius of gyration TURNING RADIUS 1550 mm. 1750 mm.
90 degree right angle channel width ANGLE STACKING AISLE 1995 mm. 2210 mm.
fork minimum height LOWERED FORKS HEIGHT 90 mm.
length FORKS LENGTH 1000 mm. 1150 mm.
width FORKS & THICKNESS 170/60 mm.
Maximum outer width OVERALL FORKS WIDTH 685 mm.
ascent rate Lowered height 132 mm/SEC 156mm/SEC
The rate of decline LOWERED SPEED 145mm/SEC 280mm/SEC
Machine full length OVERALL LENGTH 1770 mm. 1990 mm.
full height HEIGHT 1925 mm.
full width OVERALL WIDTH 840 mm. 845 mm.
walk load speed LOADED DRIVING SPEED 0 - 4.0 km/h 5.0 km/h
no-load speed EMPTY DRIVING SPEED 0 - 5.0 km/h 5.5 km/h
Load climbing ability LOADED GRADADILITY 7%. 8%.
No-load climbing ability EMPTY GRADADILITY 10%. 12%.
wheel load wheel LOAD WHEEL Ø80/90 mm. Ø80/70 mm.
drive wheel DRIVE WHEEL Ø240/90 mm. Ø230/75 mm.
auxiliary wheel AUXILIARY WHEEL Ø150/50 mm.
Machine weight (including battery) WEIGHT (WITH BATTERY) 680kgs. 1050 kgs. 1150 kgs.
drive motor ERIVE MOTOR 700W 1000W 1500W
lift motor LIFT MOTOR 1500W 2100W 3000W
brake TARKING BRAKE three-speed shift Electromagnetic
walking control DRIVE CONTROL three-speed shift stepless speed change
personnel pedal PERSONNEL PEDESTAL Spring cylinder folding type Nitrogen Cylinder Folding Type
Battery Specifications BATTERY 130AH/20HR 160AH/5HR 180AH/5HR
battery weight BATTERY WEIGHT 64 kgs. 180kgs. 210 kgs.
Charger (Fully Automatic) POWER CHARGER(AUTO) DC-24V/15A DC-24V/20A DC-24V/30A